My Corsets


Handmade quality corsets in an unique design that is the philosophy of my garments. I only make one corset in a specific style so you will own an one of a kind piece. They are based on historical patterns adjusted to nowadays sizes.

Please note! I make off the rack (ready made) corsets. Occasionally I make custom corsets, contact me for more info and prices.


Corset construction


All my corsets are triple layered. They have two cotton strength layers (lining and inner lining) and a fashion layer. I use high quality flat and spiral steel bones and steel busks. The corsets have back lacing and I use two piece grommets. They also have a waist tape for extra strength.

  • Triple layered
  • Busk front closure
  • Back lacing
  • Waist tape




Each corset shows two measurements for bust and waist size:

-First: the size of the corset fully closed
-Second: the maximum size of your natural measurements.

Starting point is your waist. That is why my corsets are categorised.


  • Waist up to 65 cm (26 inches)
  • Waist 66 cm to 71 cm (26 to 28 inches)
  • Waist 72 cm and up (28 inches and up)


For example:

  • Waist size 61-71 cm

The corset is fully closed at the back at 61 cm.
Your natural waist should be at least 5 cm (2 inches) wider in order to be able to tight lace the corset.

A natural waist of 71 cm is the maximum for a perfect fit.
If you don’t mind a larger gap (of more than ca. 7 cm) than you might add one or two cm to a max of 72 or 73 cm.

If you need any help, please contact me at


Wear and Care

Do not over tighten your new corset the first few times you wear it. This may result in damage to the corset. Always loosen the laces so you can easily wrap the corset around your body and close the busk.

Fasten the busk starting at the second hook from the bottom, work up and close the bottom last. Tighten the laces gradually. First make sure that the waist tape is actually in your waist for the right position of the corset. Once laced up it is difficult to adjust.

Normally a corset does not need regular cleaning. Simply lay your corset out flat to air it out between wearings. Dry cleaning is recommended. Wearing a thin tight fitting garment between the corset and your skin will help protect the corset from perspiration and body oils, making dry-cleaning less frequently necessary.



Payment and shipping costs


Payment can be made by

  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal (paypal fee is 5 euro)


Shipping costs depends on country and service.

Netherlands 6,95 euro (standard) 8,60 euro (extra insured)


Worldwide please contact me for more information




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